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Saying Good-Bye

In all of the drama and details of moving, we sort of overlooked one thing…

The fact that we’re leaving so many wonderful friends in Dallas… some of which came out for a “good-bye dinner” in our honor yesterday evening.

When one of our friends first suggested it a few weeks ago, I really didn’t give it much thought. It was a very sweet gesture, of course, but I was too consumed with all of the junk… er, stuff in our house and deciding what to ship versus store. I put together a small(ish) guest list and an eVite was quietly sent, while I contended with “bigger” stuff like acquiring a passport for my toddler and putting the house on the market…

The evening of the dinner, my parents came by to watch our son and do more packing. Mike was still obsessing over some boxes of his books before I dragged him out to the car. On the way to the restaurant, we discussed how my family was handling the move and debated which storage company to go with…

We were the first to arrive and as our friends began showing up, we filled each of them in on all of the details– rehashing over and over when Mike was set to depart, when Avery and I would follow, the new job, etc.

It wasn’t until Mike and I were seated at dinner, surrounded by people who actually wanted to hear every tedious detail about our move, that it hit us…

We’re leaving them.

We are actually leaving all of these people who we love and adore. People who have heard all of our best stories so many times they could finish our sentences, but laugh out loud anyways. People who know that I talk too loud, would happily drown in queso, and am often crass, but will still be seen with me… in public, no less. People who we are touched and honored to affectionately call our “friends back home”.

Mike’s flight leaves on Thursday, as in less than a week from today… We don’t have a lot of time, but we’ve made a point of making it to lunches and play groups anyway. People have dropped by the house either to deliver boxes or a coffee cake and wish us well. Sometimes they come by to get something they’ve offered to store for us, to pack my wedding china, or even just to chat. Although no one says it out loud, I can’t help by sadly wonder if this is the last time we’ll see them “until we come back home”.


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Wow! We’re REALLY doing this!

When Mike accepted the job in London two and a half weeks ago, moving across the globe seemed so glamorous and fun… and simple.

We just pack up what we need, sell the rest, and go, right?

It turns out, “need” is a very tricky topic. For instance, I see no need to save the thirty year-old Legos and Tonka trucks Mike played with as a kid, whereas he does. Likewise, he has no idea why I need so many shoes when I wear the same flip-flops most of the time.

One night, we were cleaning out a closet and I had had it with arguing about every little item. HAD it, I tell you! When he refused to toss (out) his “collection” of various-sided dice, I simply refused to move.

You read that correctly. Not valuable family heirlooms. Not photos. Not even cards or letters. DICE!

I believe my exact words were, “If you love that *expletive deleted* so much, than take that to London. I am staying here”.

No way was he going to blithely uproot our entire existence and expect me to be “okay” with it, only to pitch a fit about perfectly replaceable junk that’s been in a dusty old box…

… from the top shelf of a closet…

… that we’ve barely opened since we’ve moved here…

… four years ago.

Let’s just say, everyday since has continued to be a series of compromises and headaches, but as Mike’s departure date looms closer, we’re working through it… slowly, but surely.

One of the movers we meet with this week cited moving as the most stressful life event after the death of a loved one and a nasty divorce. I tartly informed him that this move was going to lead to one or the other (totally joking, of course)

I keep having to remind myself… for better or worse.

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