Drowning in Paperwork

Mike departed for London a week ago this past Thursday, leaving me to deal with the painful process acquiring our dependent visas… on… my… own.

Do you know how difficult it is to acquire visas for the UK?

More importantly, can you tell that I’m super annoyed that Mike spent all of his time designating “foster homes” for his Star Wars toys and thirty-year-old Legos instead of submitting the paperwork for our dependent visas? Which, by the way, was something we were supposed to have done before we booked our flights to London… Oops!

I mean, really… wasn’t it enough for me to get us packed, get the house on the market, and get our affairs in order?

Now I’m the one who has to scramble to get it done… and done quickly as we leave for good at the end of the month, with or without our visas in hand. (Let’s just hope their immigration policies are forgiving of American wives supporting their husband’s dreams and ambitions… and that they DON’T deport us.)

Everything you “need” is online, of course… which means you never have contact with an actual human being who can reassure and guide you through the process, much less answer a freakin’ question.

Apparently, phone calls made directly to the British Embassy are strongly discouraged. Strongly…

In order to get our visas, we are required to surrender not only our passports, but our original (not photocopies and not even notarized photocopies of) birth certificates, marriage license, and such… you know the things you’re constantly warned never to lose under penalty of identity theft.

As you can imagine, this is just not something I am comfortable relinquishing to some faceless address on an impersonal website a week before I depart for my best friend’s wedding in Greece.

Like I said, this really should have been handled a long time ago…

But, as everyone annoyingly insistently reminds me, “there’s nothing that can be done about that now”…

I just wish there was something that could be done about the ulcer and the permanent frown lines forming over this process.


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