My Fabulous New Life

I’ve been so consumed with our frenzied moving to London that I haven’t given much thought about living in London. Not any, in fact… well, other than picking up a few guidebooks Half-Priced Books, which I have yet to actually open.

I’m going to miss Half-Priced Books although I’m perfectly sure that there will be plenty of used books stores to love in London, but I digress…

I am embarrassed to admit that beyond tired stereotypes, my only “knowledge” of Britain (and Brits) comes from… where else? TV and movies, as in every season of Coupling and Bridget Jone’s Diary

Oh, and the occasional celebrity gossip blog, of course.

When we announced our plans to move to London our friends several weeks ago, one of them eagerly responded by asking if we had picked our favorite soccer club, as that will be VERY important to living in Europe...

Umm, what? Yeah, I’ll get right on that one….

The other day, I got sucked into watching one of those silly cable countdown shows about the posh life of young royals…

Apparently, almost every deposed European monarch (and thier family) has taken up residence in London, where they shop at fabulous shops, live in fabulous homes, and sip champagne at fabulous clubs and restaurants. How fabulous!

Clearly, this is a very different London than the one I feel like I’m going to… where Mike is scrounging to find a decent place for us to live and we currently don’t have a shilling to our name.

I’ve been so beaten down by all the planning in the face of so much uncertainty, that it’s hard for me to focus on much else… and, believe it or not, I kind of forgot what a great place we’re actually moving to…

So, today, I decided to just stop worrying and start getting excited again. I’m actaully going to crack open my guidebooks and start thinking our adventure… instead of our move.


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