Not Quite The Adventure I Had Planned

So, my break from stressing out… short lived. This morning, I received a personal call from the BRITISH EMBASSY…

…and no, it was NOT as high-profile and important as it sounds.

Mike must have sent them an e-mail regarding our dependent visa inquiries and a representative from the embassy was just calling to follow up. She was very polite, and more importantly… helpful.

She stepped me through the process and confirmed the quick turn-around time for the paperwork. She also assured me that entering into the UK as a tourist first, then submitting the paperwork for our dependent visa after was (insert prim British accent here) “absolutely not allowed. No, no, no. That is… FORBIDDEN”.

Well then. I suppose I’ll just go ahead and rebook our flights now…

I spent the rest of my day gathering original copies of our birth certificates, writing “letters of intent”, dotting i’s and crossing t’s. I don’t even know where my guidebooks have gone now…


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