An Unlikely Tourist

When I returned from London, I was eager to post the photos of my trip for you, only to realize I really didn’t have any to show.

I mean I have this one of Big Ben and the London Eye, but not much else…

Pathetic, I know.

It’s just with everything that we’ve have to do to move to London, this trip felt more like a reconnaissance mission, rather than an actual vacation.

First of all, Mike had to work the entire time I was there, so I was on my own most of the time. Not that that was a problem, as I had PLENTY to do…

My number one priority was to FIND US A HOME, which is exactly what I did a mere twelve hours upon arriving in the country… but then there was everything that has to go in it.

Fortunately, the house is coming furnished (just a tiny detail I negotiated with our management company, thankyouverymuch…), but I had no idea where to go for sheets and towels and toilet paper…

Well, of course, you can go anywhere for that. It’s not like we’re moving to Zimbabwe. I mean it is LONDON, after all, but I what I wanted to know what where I should go to get all that stuff.

I spent a great deal of time popping in and out of different stores comparing thread count, quality, and, most important of all… PRICE.

I also tried to familiarize myself with things like which company is a bank and which is a betting office. You know, the important stuff…

My time in London wasn’t all work. I did manage to see plenty of sights while I was there. Of course, it’s hard not to when it’s right there as you emerge from the Underground.

Walking down a street was like… “building, building, chicken restaurant, BUCKINGHAM PALACE!”

I mostly tried to see place and things that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to once I had Avery with me. For instance, I would tour a castle in depth, but skipped running around the gardens since that’s something we could do together as a family.

I went to the Tate Modern and Harrod’s, but left quickly as I didn’t really belong in either of those places. I opted instead to go antiquing in Notting Hill. I found such awesome stuff, but even that got old since A) we can’t move onto our new place for another month and B) we have no money (see A)…

After wandering around on my own for a few days and already having accomplished what I set out to do, I really started to miss Mike, and especially miss Avery. I started getting sad because I had no idea when Avery and I would be able to come over and I’d be leaving Mike at the end of the week.

Experiencing a great place like London just isn’t nearly as fun without someone else to share it with…

I’m excited that when I come back it’ll be to experience it all over again… together.


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  1. Hooray! I am so glad that you’re home. I can’t wait to hear about the new place you’ll be living!

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