Great Britian: Permission Slips Required

… and just as we were starting to wear out our welcome at my folks, low and behold…

Our visas for the UK arrived! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

I was contacted by the British Embassy a few more times since the last time I mentioned it here.

Once, it was to ask for twelve more dollars in order to overnight our documents back to us. It was a several hundred to apply for the visas in the first place but, “Yes. Fine. Whatever”.

Another was to request a notarized letter granting my permission to allow my two-year-old son to join my husband (his father!!!) in the UK. Never mind that I will also be joining my husband in the UK as well and will obviously be traveling with our son…. because, again, he’s TWO.

I ask you, who would put a toddler on a nine and a half hour trans-Atlantic flight by himself? WHO?!

Well, apparently enough people that a very specific protocol was developed to handle such a situation.

But seriously… I want names. I want to meet them, so I can know exactly who I’m judging. Hummph!


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One response to “Great Britian: Permission Slips Required

  1. triciascow

    I’m not sure how I happened on your blog, but it’s a familiar story. We were supposed to leave today for London for a week long vacation before heading to Belfast. My daughter has accepted a job in Northern Ireland, and we had tickets booked, an apartment rented, train tickets purchased, and a PLAN. This was all dependent, of course, on her work visa coming through within six weeks of her starting the process. It didn’t happen. So here we are, with tickets canceled, waiting on the work visa to come through so we can rebook everything. Such a lot of bureaucracy to go through and very frustrating. But nothing to do about it. Except wait. Thanks for sharing your stories! Tricia Scow

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