We just moved…

… haha! Fooled you!

This week, change of address cards went out to our family and friends. The problem is, we haven’t actually moved… yet.

You see, those weren’t supposed to go out until after we left. Then, my dad happened upon my stack of addressed envelopes and promptly stamped and mailed them for me. My dad is the best… and scarily, even more efficient than I am.

It was all very innocent, but I’m still feeling like a fraud.

We actually move in next week once the owners of the house leave for their own crazy overseas adventure…

…moving to Australia.

As you can imagine, we’re very understanding of one another’s situation…

Like us, they’re a young family with a toddler and the wife has taken it upon herself to provide with all sorts of helpful information- everything from where to find a good pizza and a great doctor, to getting in good with the local moms’ group.

I only wish I could do the same for her… except I know even shamefully less about Australia than I do about the UK.



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5 responses to “We just moved…

  1. I can’t wait to hear your new tales!

  2. Hi there, where arebouts in Australia is she moving too? I’m an Aussie you see…

  3. Val

    Oh Grace! I wished I had known you were still in town!!! Drew would have loved a play date with Avery! I will look forward to keeping up with you all on this site. Wishing you lots of luck and good wishes on your new ‘adventure!’

  4. Just another quick message. I know I said please feel free to pass on my email to the (old) owner of your London home but perhaps you don’t have it. Just reply if you don’t and I’ll send it through. Cheers.

  5. Shelley

    I really enjoyed reading with your progress so far getting to London and I’m so curious to know what areas the locals you and your husband spoke to recommended for families to live? My Husband and I will be coming to London in the next few weeks for a “Fact Finding mission” to find a school for my 4 year old and a place to live in London for our Family of four (we have a 1 year old too!). If you have any advice about the areas to investigate, local realtors or schools it would be most helpful to me.

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