A Spoonful of Sugar When the RenderFarm* Does Down

Chatting over the phone yesterday, Mike mentioned that he caused some sort of department-wide panic that afternoon…

Something about implementing code that realeased chaos and madness… I don’t know.

Basically, it was BAD, but he fixed it and all was well in the world again.

Mike went on to say that at his office mess-ups of that grandeur are repaid in baked good. As in the offending party bakes a cake (from scratch) for the entire department. Not a bad policy, if you ask me.

I suggested that he should bring apple pies instead of cake to work. I mean, being the newest American on staff, how fitting would that be?

“Wow, Honey! You would really bake homemade pies for me when you get here?” he asked.

“Umm, sure,” I feebly replied…

That means I only have two days to learn how to make a homemade All-American apple pie from scratch…

… and I call myself an American. Pfff.

* RenderFarm- a cluster of.. aw, hell. It’s a crapload of computers doing a crapload of stuff at the same time. It makes movies.


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One response to “A Spoonful of Sugar When the RenderFarm* Does Down

  1. Lisa and Paul

    Hi Grace,

    I’ve got a great apple pie recipe. I’ll send it to you tonight. Good luck with the *actual* move, and we’ll be visiting in the near future if I have any say in the matter!

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