Wow! I’ve always wanted a Big Brother…

Have you heard the exciting news about the U.S. terrorist watch list? Apparently, it’s surpassed the 1 million mark

…and do you know who cannot get OFF that stupid list?

Umm… Only my husband, my father-in-law, and my son.

Now, tell me. Do these look like the faces of international terrorists?

They may not be perfect, but I can assure you, even if they were to combine their forces, these are definately NOT threats to our national security.

Nevertheless, we still can’t do e-check in and are usually subjected to some sort of search at every other airport. It’s a hassle, but we’ve just come to expect the occasional delays. In fact, it hasn’t even been that bad recently, but I still would not wish this upon anyone else…

And yet I gave my son the exact same name. Oops.

I knew all this before naming him after his father and grandfather. I blame “pregnancy brain” for my obvious lapse in judgment.

Of course, our son goes by his middle name, but it doesn’t matter. The name on his passport is the name on the watch list…

I’ll let you know if anyone attempts to interrogate my two-year-old on our way to London. I’m sure it will be a really effective move in making the world feel safe and cozy… HA!

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2 responses to “Wow! I’ve always wanted a Big Brother…

  1. Lisa and Paul

    Paul Benjamin also cannot get off the terrorist watch list 🙂

  2. interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

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