The Longest Day… ever

For us, “moving day” has been sprawled over eight (yes, EIGHT) very, very long weeks!

It was “moving day” at the end of May when the furniture from our house in Dallas was put into storage.

The next day, my husband departed for London taking with him as much as he could carry. Meanwhile, my son and I moved in with my parents with the rest of it.

It was “moving day” yet again a month later when I had an address where I could ship the rest of our belonging…

My dad and I filled his Suburban to the brim with boxes and brought them to the shipping company’s warehouse. We watched as workmen compactly sealed it all together with industrial saran wrap (probably NOT its technical name) and sent it along its way. By the end of the week, it would be crated and aboard a ship crossing the ocean.

We hadn’t packed anything that could be deemed “irreplaceable”, but I still prayed that we would see our stuff again one day… like in about 6 to 8 weeks as was promised.

Finally, “moving day” comes once more as my son and I board our one-way flight to our new HOME this morning. Strangely, I’ve never had a one-way ticket anywhere. It just feels so… final.

Wish us luck. It will be his first flight ever, and of course, it’s overseas and about 15 hours long…

It will take a few days for us to get settled and who knows how long to get Internet service, but I’ll be sure to post again as soon as I can!

Home, Sweet Home



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10 responses to “The Longest Day… ever

  1. My prayers are with you guys for safe travel to your new home! We will miss you guys much!

  2. Saran wrap is close … it’s “technical” name is stretch film =*^) (wrap is also used and it’s not on the final exam!~)

  3. Stacey

    Aaah, your blog brings back many memories of when my family and I moved to England 3 years ago. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one the British Embassy drove crazy! 🙂 It’s easier to give birth to a child there than to take one you already have. Best of luck on the move!

  4. Victoria

    My husband’s company has opportunities in London, and it’s something we’ve talked about doing in a couple more years. We are in Austin, and I really look forward to getting your take on the downsized living space and upsized mass transit options. 🙂 Best of luck to you and your family!

  5. Well good luck to you! I’ll be reading:)

  6. Lisa

    Are you going to start saying things like “garden” now instead of “backyard”? 😛

  7. best of luck in your move! hope you had an uneventful flight. if you ever need any London restaurant recommendations, let me know…

  8. I read some of your previous posts… what an adventure! I look forward to reading more once you get all settled in. Good Luck!

  9. I am updating my blogroll right now. I am so excited for you… ok I know I keep saying that but I am. I tell my hubs all the time that I wish we would pack up and live overseas for a few years.

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