A (proper) Greeting from London

Hello There!

No, I didn’t head to London and fall off the edge of the Earth. It only feels as if I have…

Sorry to have left you hanging, but we’ve been living without a working phone line or BROADBAND (!!) for the past week and half.

Something about having to run an entirely new phone line since the one already installed in our house is only for BT service and we needed one for Virgin Mobile…

“Arrrg! Whatever! JUST GIVE ME THE INTERNET!”, I kept yelling at them over my crappy cell phone reception… er, I mean MO-bile.

We’ve also been living without a TV, radio, or CD player, so there’s been little more than the IKEA catalog to keep us entertained in the wee, small hours of the morning when Avery thinks it’s time to be awake…

Our trip here was rather uneventful. Considering it was his first plane ride ever, Avery did AWESOME on both flights and the layover. Well, except that he (and therefore I) only slept for about about an hour and forty-five minutes… total. He resisted my every attempt to get him to nap only to doze off just as the plane was about to land. Of course.

When we arrived at London Heathrow, the poor little guy was just spent. By the time, we made it to the baggage claim, he was completely hysterical- crying, kicking, screaming, the whole show. At that point of our journey, I was ready to do the same, but believe it or not being completely overwhelmed with a tantruming toddler in tow does have its privileges…

Even though the line for immigration was about a hundred or so deep, a new line was opened just for us and all because I was pushing a stroller. I walked right up to the officer and proudly presented our official UK documentation.

When asked how long my son and I have been living in London, I said, “about half an hour…give or take”

Avery calmed down the minute we saw Mike waiting for us with open arms and lots of kisses. Come to think of it, I did too. We grabbed a taxi and headed home, where Avery finally got some much needed sleep.

Since then, Avery and I have recovered from our jet lag and we’re ready to resume our adventures as a family. Together again!



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6 responses to “A (proper) Greeting from London

  1. So glad you guys are all back together! We look forward to keeping up with you guys through your blog. Take care, Lauren

  2. *whew* good to hear the trip was successful and you and yours are together again. Good luck in your new home.

  3. As entertaining as the IKEA catalog is, I would be thoroughly bored of it by day two. How did you survive so long without internet? And why do they call it “Mobile?” Is it mobile internet? I don’t get it. I don’t even know what mobile internet would be (an iPhone?).

  4. Val

    Hi Grace!!! So glad you and Avery made it there safe and sound! I would take a little boredom with an Ikea catalog right now versus the ‘excitement’ we have had in recent days! Hmmmm, new tires for the car, new battery one for EACH CAR, new computer, new vacuum, hot water heater on the blink, AND a brand new A/C unit!!!!! All in a matter of two weeks! Oh and Steve just called to say his brakes are making a funny noise…will it ever end?!?! Drew and I miss you guys! I look forward to keeping in touch via your blog.

  5. The Todd Lodge

    So glad you got there! We have been thinking about you and know you are happy to be together again. Sounds like you are having fun! Keep on writing and take care of those two boys of yours!

  6. How cool is that!!! You live in London!

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