Over the Pond and Under the Sea

We don’t normally plan our weekends around a specific theme, but if we did, this past one would have something to do with fish and water.

Certainly, something clever that’s just not coming to me at the moment…

The weekend was mostly rainy and gray. Because of it, we got a late start and our Saturday “morning” actually began with lunch at a place called…

Intrigued? You should be.

I was immediately drawn to it the minute Mike read its description out of our favorite guide book, Take The Kids, London:

“A dining experience unlike any other- you pick sushi dishes from an enormous conveyor belt whilst your drinks are prepared by a special drinks-mixing robot…”

Whoa! Special drink-mixing robot? Fresh sushi whizzing pass on a conveyor belt? We just had to check it out.

I figured it would be more attraction than authentic, but I was pleasantly proven wrong. It was as DELICIOUS as it was entertaining.

Avery was thoroughly impressed…

… and as you can see by the stack of plates we accumulated, so were Mike and I.

Lunch was followed by a short walk to the London Aquarium

Clearly, there is probably something disturbing about digesting fresh fishies while going to see fresher fishies but, I wasn’t going to point this out to Avery…

Besides, he was having too much fun “Finding Nemo” in the THREE floors of tanks and displays, including a shark tank and a sting ray pond.

The sting ray pond was just plain freaky. There are several that live in a tank that only goes up about chest high. Every few minutes, one would pop out of the water and actually swim up to us, close enough to pet it…

Oh! It was completely bizarre!

Our trip to the London Aquarium was certainly an educational outing. For instance, do you know that…

I didn’t, but I’ll think twice about crossing paths with pigs or coconuts from now on.



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3 responses to “Over the Pond and Under the Sea

  1. Yo Sushi looks fabulous!

  2. I love those conveyer belt sushi places. There was one in the city that I went to a few times, alas it was more fun to watch than to eat. So whoa woman, pace yourself. You’ve got a lot of time to occupy, don’t short your wad (ew, I hate that saying) in one day!

    Still, looks very very cool.

  3. shoot that is, shorting your wad is a cool expression.

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