The Buck Stops Here

I’ve been living in London for almost three weeks and I still haven’t been added to our British bank accounts, and from what I understand, this is nothing

Some people we know had to wait months before even being allowed to open a bank account in the UK. These are gainfully employed adults with regular salaries, valid work permits, children, dogs…

Okay, you get the picture.

I mean, even our two-year-old son has his own bank account in the States!

Meanwhile, I (a grown woman, wife, and mother) have to ask my husband for money each day like Lucy asking Ricky for her allowance. Finally, Mike just started leaving his debit card with me, which makes a lot more sense seeing as I handle all of the shopping and errands for our family.

I’ve been using it just fine until today, when a snotty sale girl tossed it back in my face and snidely remarked, “This is NOT your card…”

I explained that it’s my husband’s card and that I’m waiting for the bank to send me mine. I even pulled out my Texas Driver’s License to prove that we share a last name, but nothing. The store would not take the card… period.

This happened at two more shops before I just called it a day and went home empty-handed and defeated. I was miffed, but understood. After all, it’s all for our protection even if it is extremely annoying.

And here’s the ironic part…

Over the weekend and 4,757 miles (7,656 km) away, someone used our credit card number to charge over $500 worth of hoodies and skinny jeans at an Aeropostale in Dallas…

We’re still seeking a resolution with our bank in the US… and again, it’s taking FOR-EH-VAH.

Until then, I have the dubious pleasure of being effectively cut off from our funds in TWO COUNTRIES. How ’bout that!



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5 responses to “The Buck Stops Here

  1. Oh my lands! That must be SO SO frustrating. We’re dealing with some of that fun financial hurry-up-and-wait, too. Grr.

  2. I am really surprised they did this, are they not having you use the chip and pin? The salespeople should never have your card in their hand, you should be putting it in the machine and putting in your pin code! Sorry this is happening!

  3. I was wondering the same thing about the chip. I thought about attempting to use my husband’s before I was added to the account, but chickened out. 🙂

    Sorry about the US charges…that’s just crappy.

  4. You know what…that just sucks!

  5. Hiya Sweetie! Boy this sounds awfully familiar, we moved to Edinburgh from the states in January…if you need to commiserate, email me! I think I am finding the loopholes!

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