Letting the good times…. spin?

Good times at “Duffy Manor” used to involve friends, food, and LOTS of wine. These days, it mostly involves laundry… Sad, but true.

This is Avery entranced by our teeny, tiny washing machine. Even though it only does about a FIFTH of a “normal load” back home, it’s what passes for “entertainment” when you don’t have a TV and your two-year old BREAKS the one and only portable DVD player…

Notice how there’s no mention of Avery being equally as entranced with the dryer. Umm, that’s because there’s isn’t one.

“But, how do you…?”

“Doesn’t it rain all the…?”

“Does that mean you have to iron every…Even your…?”


In spite of the billions upon billions of interesting and blog-worthy things we could be doing about town, we’ve decided to spend this weekend relaxing and attending to things around the house.

I know it’s not very exciting, but living in a different country is still just that- living. Unfortunately, things like grocery shopping and laundry still have to get done regardless of how fabulous of a city you may now live.

Sometimes, it just requires even more effort than ever before…

We’ll be back to our adventures next week. Promise.



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3 responses to “Letting the good times…. spin?

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. It really isn’t a washer/dryer combo? You poor thing.

    Laundry is one of my LEAST favorite things here. Seriously…who does a load of laundry the size of a soccer ball?

  2. Just because they talk like Rupert Everett or um, who else has a posh British accent, oh that’s right, Madonna, doesn’t mean they aren’t little brats just like their American counterparts.

    I applaud your use of excessive force–it makes me proud to be an American!!

  3. Um, sorry, that comment makes no sense unless you realize that it was meant to go with the post that precedes this one.

    Sorry, but I’m still getting used to this new format.

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