SuperMommy to the Rescue

Prior to moving here, we were given the impression that British children are far better behaved than American children. The reserved, well mannered, “seen, but not heard” kind of better behaved…

Now where do you suppose we got THAT idea?

Well, I’m hear to tell you that’s simply NOT true…

I’ve witnessed plenty of otherwise proper little angels succumb to the worst of the “I wants” and “gimme gimmes”. Tiny arms and legs have gone limp on busy sidewalks at rush hour. There’s even been a few raucous games of tag and hide n’ seek in the “breakables” department of Marks and Spencers.

I usually just step aside and smile sympathetically at the beleaguered parents. My kid has certainly had his fair share of “bad days” at the most inopportune moments, so there’s no judgment here. If anything, it takes the pressure off.

Live and let live, right? Well, not quite…

Yesterday, I took Avery to the Science Museum. I’d read that of all of the London sites to see, it was the most geared towards young kids. Sure enough, there was a special area for toddlers and preschoolers called “The Garden” and it was packed with crazy kids– running, climbing, bouncing, and shrieking…

Oh good night, lots and lots of shrieking!

One mom made the comment that there really should be a pub attached to this place “for us mums and dads”. (I second that!)

With areas for building and construction, sounds, lights, and mirrors, Avery’s absolute favorite was the water zone…

The museum is thoughtful enough to provide bright orange smocks to keep the kids (mostly) dry, but there’s no coverage for the grown ups who accompany them…

We happily spent the better part of two hours spraying, splashing, and playing with rubber duckies and boats. Avery was having so much fun. He couldn’t get enough of it!

Well, one older kid thought he had and tried to push Avery away from the water basin. No one else, JUST Avery. Not one to be bullied, my son stood his ground. Next thing I know, the kid is trying to hold Avery’s head UNDER the water.

Now, I may be lax about what counts as a “nutritious snack” or pushing bedtime as late as nine-thirtyten… okay, midnight, but when it comes to someone seriously harming my son, I’m quick to lay down the mama law.

The kid no sooner put his hands on Avery when I grabbed his arm, twisted it back, and flung him off of my frightened son. I gave him a sharp reprimand before turning to comfort my child.

Okay, so the kid may or may not have bounced off the cushy wall divider as I was jerking him back, but I’m not admitting to it either way…

He sulked off before I could do it again… er, ask.

When Avery calmed down, I stood up and prepared myself for what would surely escalate into a nasty, in-your-face confrontation with this kid’s mom or dad. I wasn’t exactly proud of how of I reacted, but I was ready to tell someone off and pretend like I was.

No one ever approached me (or the kid for that matter). In fact, I don’t know that anyone had even noticed what had happened. The other adults were all either avoiding getting wet or eying the nearby museum cafe for beer…

It seems SuperNanny still has work left to do here. In the meantime, I’m happy to provide support wherever I can.


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One response to “SuperMommy to the Rescue

  1. Wow – it’ a good thing you were watching. Your son only wanted to have fun – what a shock for him! I don’t understand how so many parents can happily ignore their children. It’s a wonder their kids survive childhood.

    When I see badly behaved children, I just know that the parents are to blame. It’s so sad. Children need rules and discipline but too many kids are left to their own devices.

    Anyway, you’re right. British children aren’t any better behaved than American children. That’s a myth for sure. I used to help in the infant school when my kids were that age and some of those (British) kids were real monsters!

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