Christmas in August!!!

So, umm…

Our stuff arrived yesterday.

Avery would like all of you the know that he “helped” unpack, but I think that’s pretty evident by this photo…

We shipped a very modest amount of stuff, so it didn’t take long to unpack. The hard part was finding a place for all of it…

I’m glad to have had the foresight to order a pair of bookcases last week. When they arrive early this morning, the house still pretty much look like this except the boxes were empty and Avery had thrown all of the packing peanuts on the floor.

The delivery man walked into our living room and with the utmost of seriousness and concern asked…

“Were you burgled?!”

Yeah… someone came to rob our house, rifled through our TODDLER TOYS and unpacked our towels, couldn’t find what he was looking for, so he collapsed all of the boxes and stacked them in a pile…

“No, we were not burgled!!” I said. “We just… Can’t you see that… Oh, just get OUT OF MY HOUSE?”

In hindsight, I probably should have just said, “No, actually quite the opposite…”



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2 responses to “Christmas in August!!!

  1. Wow, people must be really compassionate in London. When delivery people see my crazy house they just ignore it and don’t say anything.

    I’m not sure which route I prefer.

  2. That is so funny. Now I have a great excuse for the state of my home. I can tell people we just moved in and are still unpacking… perfect.

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