Sassy Black Women: Made in America, Imported Elsewhere

Carlos Mencia did a segment a while back on sassy black women as only found in America. It was part of things he LOVES about America.

Well, I’m here to tell you that sassy black women exist… EVERYWHERE.

How do I know this?

Because there’s one yelling at someone VERY LOUDLY and with plenty of sass just below my window as I am writing this.

This isn’t actually unusual. We run into plenty of black women “expressing themselves” all of the time.

Mike stopped to help one lady with her bags out of the Underground last week. He came home late because she stopped to have a shouting match with the transport workers (for no apparent reason) while Mike was still holding her luggage…

Now that is SASSY.

I don’t mean to single out black women here, sassy or otherwise. It’s just that all the yelling outside is making me a little homesick.



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2 responses to “Sassy Black Women: Made in America, Imported Elsewhere

  1. Paul Hayes

    Surely there must be a difference between sassy and simply loud?

  2. payotbb

    Hi — you posted earlier about spray oils. Just FYI, I have found at least 3 different brands of this at my local Tesco: Flora just came out with one, and there is an olive oil one by Berio. The first one I bought was I think Tesco’s own brand (?) Don’t know why you are having trouble finding it — maybe it’s just not available in your supermarket branch.

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