Leeds Castle

Prior to our impromptu stay courtesy of NHS, we actually had a fun holiday planned last weekend…

On Saturday, we ventured out to lovely Leeds Castle, which is near Maidstone in Kent and NOT in Leeds.

Quite misLEEDing, if you ask me…

Breathtakingly romantic and picturesque, it was well worth the journey out of London, albeit a relatively short one. No wonder it was one of King Henry VIII’s favorites (ha-ha! the obsession continues…)

Stately, regal, and situated within a lake, it’s everything a castle ought to be. Sheep, geese, and wild birds roam the land surrounding it, just as they probably did when the castle was built.

What amuses me is all of the “extras” tacked on to historical sites here. They’re meant to keep visitors there all day, not that you have much choice. Castles tend to be out of the way and in the middle of no where (as was part of their initial draw, I suppose).

As for me, I came to tour a 900 year old castle and I certainly was not disappointed. Although I have to admit, all the extras certainly make for much more interesting visit.

For instance, Leeds Castle houses the world’s only…

Dog Collar Museum!!!

Yes, absolutely ridiculous, but completely hilarious…

In addition to the sprawling parkland, rolling hills, and gardens, there was also an aviary (kept for the collection of tropical and exotic birds belonging to the castle’s last private owner), falconry displays, playgrounds, and hedge maze to pass the time.

It took a few tries, but with Avery’s help we found out way of the maze… eventually.



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4 responses to “Leeds Castle

  1. Somehow I have a feeling that you’ll be sending me photos of Avery’s dorm room in many years and he will still have Blue clutched lovingly in his arms.

    Is Blue well known over there? Or is he just any old stuffed animal to them?

    So jealous you went to a castle last weekend – I sat on the sofa with me feet elevated and tried to manage the PUFFY-NESS that is known as my legs and feet.

    I woudl have rather been at a castle. 🙂

  2. Grace,
    I love your blog as well and you guys were missed at the birthday party and are missed in general!
    What an adventure you guys are living!
    Much love to you all!

  3. spartacu

    I am an Expat American in London too! My blog is Evan’s Blog – I am here for a few years and living in a small flat in Westminster area. It is funny to read your postings as they are similar to me, although we are very different people.

    Stop by if you ever want to! Bye. Evan

  4. Dog Collar Museum?? That is funny.

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