Mexican Food: Instructions Not Included

Forty-one days since my last (real) Tex-Mex and it suddenly hit…


Earlier in the week, we grabbed dinner at a place proudly serving fajitas. We noticed that on a humongous blackboard by the bar someone had  carefully detailed step-by-step instructions on how to eat fajitas.

When a couple nearby ordered them, they came out on a sizzling iron platter with all the sides. Our hopes peaked…

That is, until the couple started eating them with a fork and knife, as is proper but JUST NOT RIGHT!

We opted to get burgers that day, as this is clearly not a country that does Tex-Mex. Still, the cravings persisted.

So, my gal pal, Heidi, and I got all dolled up and headed into town for a MUCH needed Girls’ Night Out at Wahaca.

Wahaca serves Mexican food (not Tex-Mex), but it received such rave reviews (one sent courtesy of my friend and fellow Texan, A’Dell) that I just had to check it out.

I was so excited, especially when Mike surprised me by coming home early from work that night. Something about power lines exploding, everyone taking off for France, servers crashing…

I was actually too busy slipping into a  sassy skirt and fancy kitten heels for the first time in months to actually listen to the reason…

As I emerged from the Tube half an hour early for our dinner date, I  planned to  leisurely walk around the area until our meeting time…


The restaurant is situated in a Covent Garden basement and the line to get in was up the stairs, out the door, and spilling down the street… on a Wednesday night!

This place was definitely CALIENTE.

I smiled at the maitre’d, but my Southern charm and American brazenness didn’t get  us any closer to an earlier seating.

Yep, I’m definitely a long way from being 21 and ha-cha-cha again… even in something other than my typical “mommy clothes” and trainers (sneakers).

I didn’t mind though. I had waited almost a month and a half, what’s another hour… and a half… or two?

Overall I was satisfied, but I was actually more thrilled to have night out. The atmosphere was lively and hip, and the food was definitely had some kick…

Shout out to Heidi for being a trooper. She accidentally bit into a habanero pepper and her head almost exploded, but I should let her tell you that story… Oops! I guess I already did.



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5 responses to “Mexican Food: Instructions Not Included

  1. Paul Hayes

    I suppose the thing you have to bear in mind is the geographical relationship between Mexico and the United Kingdom, as opposed to that between Mexico and the United States.

    I suppose our closest cultural equivalent of Mexican restaurants would probably therefore be Irish pubs!

  2. You need to open a taqueria or something.

    You’d make a fortune.

  3. It really did hurt all the way inside my ears. Thank goodness they FINALLY brought the sour cream, which I proceeded to scoop from the teeny, tiny saucer in like 5 seconds with the help of silver dollar corn tortillas. Mmmm…dairy.

    So glad we got to go. Am looking forward to next time.

    P.S. Since it seems that I don’t blog anymore unless it’s in the distant past, can I just copy your post and pass it off as my own? 😉

    Who am I kidding? It’ll be a month before I even get to copying and pasting this post. By then linking here will be easier then the cut and paste method!

  4. OMG. I would be lost without Mexican food. It is my absolute favorite. I must have it, and, Bar-b-que.

  5. Learning to cook Mexican food yourself will be your biggest lifesaver while you are here, trust me! We cook something Mexican at least once a week because finding good Mexican food in London is next to impossible!

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