Race Relations for the Sandbox Set

While playing in the at the park, a little British schoolgirl approached Mike (and Avery) with this query….

Girl: Is that (pointing to Avery) your little boy?

Mike: Yes, he’s my son.

Girl: (slowly enunciating) Why is he broooooown when you are white?

Mike: It’s because his mommy is brown*.

Older (wiser) friend of girl: That’s something you’ll learn about later…

*Alternative answers:

“To confuse you.”
“I bought him from gypsies.”
“We’re American.”



Filed under Checky Monkeys

4 responses to “Race Relations for the Sandbox Set

  1. Oh my god…I LOVE your graphic!

  2. My son is blond with blue eyes. His dad and I both have dark hair and brown eyes. We get asked this question too… we tell them the kit we made him from was mislabeled.

  3. The Todd Lodge

    I hate to know what that little girl would say about Jack. I think she would thoroughly confused!!!

  4. Herbert Smith

    I think the phrase is cheeky monkeys, not checky monkeys.

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