Actual Size

I’ve never been great about judging exact weights and measures.

For instance, I couldn’t really tell you if my “glass” wine is the recommended 3.5 oz or more like the whole bottle…

Similarly, if I were to do my weekly grocery hoarding online and purchase something like… say, a 100g bag of tortilla chips, I wouldn’t know how that would translate in terms of guacamole consumption.

However, it stands to reason that if one were to purchase such a bag of tortilla chips, one would expect it to get a normal-size (read: LARGE) bag of chips.

The same goes for… umm, I don’t know… maybe, SOAP.

my iPod Nano, my "Avery-sized" chips, and my "trial size" soap

Au contraire, mon frère! We do not live in the land of plenty any longer.



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2 responses to “Actual Size

  1. Paul Hayes

    You do hear jokes from time to time about American large sizes being gargantuan, although I think that’s usually to do with the coffee sizes in Starbucks.

  2. DawnSwan

    WHA??!! That bag just wouldn’t cut it when my hubby & I sit down on Friday nights for margaritas & torilla chips!!

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