A Seurat Comes To Life In London

Saturday afternoon at Greenwich Park, London

As much as I enjoy ranting about our life in London (and you all know that I do…. A LOT), how can I not love it here on a perfect day such as this?

Pick-up cricket matches, children laughing, a book being read on a picnic blanket, and green stretched out for miles… these are just a few of my favorite London sights.



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3 responses to “A Seurat Comes To Life In London

  1. Paul Hayes

    It does look nice in that photo.

    But then you just have to think about how many teenagers seem to be stabbing one another to death there every five minutes.

  2. wow, okay I totally thought it was a Seurat (that I was unfamiliar with!) but then I looked at the previous comment and now I quack in fear.

  3. quake not quack…but I guess I could quack in fear

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