Sunny and Partly Grumpy

The last few days have been rainy and cold and MISERABLE!

This is our first autumn/winter in London, but I know it’s only the beginning and there’s no point letting it slow me down, right?

Right. So, each day I’ve coxed a child who normally refuses to wear pants… er, trousers into said trousers…

and a sweater…

and a raincoat…

and sock and shoes…

…to his utter and audible discontent.

We head to our appointments or errands, and I proceed to get soaked because I haven’t figured out how to successfully hold an umbrella AND push a stroller at the same time (Any tips?)… and hate life more and more with each step.

So today, for the sake of my sanity, I decided to just sleep in (give up) and pass the day inside (give up). I could read books to Avery (give up), put away laundry… maybe even clean the bathroom (give up). I had a whole list of things to do… (give up, give up, give up)

Of course, I woke up late to a GLORIOUS day. The sun is out. The streets are dry. It’s a perfect time for the zoo or the park or a million other things I’ve been wanting to do, but this is London…

It can’t possibly last, so why bother… Humbug!

Even now as the sun shines brighter still, I can’t help but take it personally.

Thanks for ruining my day, SUN!



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4 responses to “Sunny and Partly Grumpy

  1. Here’s an idea for an umbrella holder for a stroller. I haven’t used one, but it looks easy enough to attach! 🙂

  2. You crack me up! Here in the northeastern US, my daughter has been complaining about having to wear long sleeve shirts – and a heavy jacket in the morning! Oh please NOO!!!

    And to tease you – it’s not a sweater, it’s a jumper, right?

  3. lol. Of course it would be sunny when you sleep in. Something similar keeps happening at our house, but with the garbage men. Everytime we forget to put it out the night before they come at like 5am. If we remember, it’s still there that afternoon when we get home from work. My husband swears it’s a conspiracy!

  4. byjane

    There is something different about the cold and wet in London than anywhere I’ve ever lived in the US (and that includes the East Coast). It’s biting. Make sure you have warm clothes. Layers. Hats. Scarves. Get one of those covers for the stroller that they use in NY. Maybe they use them in UK too now, although when I was there, they just left the kid sitting in the pram outside the shops (that’s how come they had such rosy [chapped] cheeks). The covers are waterproof so you only need to shield yourself from the “elements”.

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