What would you call this?

Our friends and family reading this from across the ocean would call it an eggplant. Certain ones would  simply call it “ewww”…

(You know who you are?)

However, if you are one of my loyal British readers… or my TWO-YEAR OLD SON… it’s an aubergine. [pronounced: oh-ber-jeen]


Yes, the child who only six months ago was suspected to have and tested for a “speech delay” pointed to my dinner prep and said “aubergine”, a word I have certainly never used until today…

(Thank you, BBC. You seem to be worth every penny of my TV tax…)

Just to make sure I wasn’t hearing things, Mike quizzed him on it once he got home.

“Avery, what did Mommy cook for dinner?”

“Aubergine”, he said with perfect certainty and confidence.

I should note that he was not as interesting in actually eating it as he was in saying it…



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3 responses to “Aubergine?!

  1. Wow. That is impressive. Even with your phonetic spelling I don’t think I am saying it correctly!

  2. I have never even heard of that word before… but I’m also not British. You learn something new every day. Thanks!

  3. So…were you using it before he said it OR…did Avery teach you this ;)!
    Still love reading your blog! Miss you guys too!

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