Are You Ready For Some Football?

The leaves in London are turning beautiful crimson, amber, yellow, and purple, but  back home in Dallas the only colors that matter this weekend are orange and red.

Yep, it’s Texas-OU weekend. Yew-haw!

To Mike’s Sooner-bred family, it probably comes as a shock that I know that… or even care. (Go Longhorns!) As much as I pretend to roll my eyes and heave my dramatic sighs, I really do like football season.

I grew up in Texas. It was pretty much mandatory and I miss it.

And, by the way, I mean this football…

Not this one…

The other day (after I finally decided to just embrace the unusually sun-shiny weather), I took Avery on a stroll through the town green. We were about to head home when I noticed a group of teenagers tossing around a pigskin…

Yes, an actual All-American football.

I couldn’t believe it at first, so we lingered a while to watch a few plays. It was both sad and happy at the same time…

…but, mostly sad. Very, very sad. Like rabid hamsters fight over the lone banana flake sad.



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2 responses to “Are You Ready For Some Football?

  1. Paul Hayes

    It is of course an association football day here in the UK, as it’s an international weekend and all of the Home Nations are playing.

  2. Hubs ordered digital cable for the house just so he could watch English Premier League soccer and the Boy watches BBC America Top Gear. (we still love watching SEC football on Saturdays during the fall though.)

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