D. It’s the new C.

I “love” that all of my friends from Texas have started complaining about how cold it’s gotten, because last night…

…it snowed in London!

I, of course, didn’t take any photos of my own because I was…

A) Trying to convince my two-year-old to please STOP stripping down to his diaper every time Mommy turns her back. If only he would just stop running around the house, leaping from the sofas (stupid circus), and screaming like a manic, he’d probably realize why it’s good to wear clothes. IT’S COLD!

B) Determining the perfect ratio among the number of blankets, cups of tea, cement walls in lieu of insulation, and radiator heating with only two settings, sweltering and off.

C) Moving the clocks back an hour earlier three days late (Apparently, the UK observes Daylight Savings a week before the US…)

D) All of the above



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3 responses to “D. It’s the new C.

  1. Yes, it’s chilly here! We turned on the heat Monday when it dropped to 33 overnight. I’m jealous of your snow – and just think, you don’t have a driveway to shovel either!

  2. We even had a heavy frost in North Florida overnight. My first morning to scrape the car windows. I cannot wait until Sunday and the time change.

  3. I could visualize your two year old running through the house. My oldest used to play “naked man!” He was a super hero of sorts that ran through the house laughing.

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