Keep Calm and Carry On

Now that the election is past us, would you kindly redirect you attention back to me. Me. ME!

I just want to thank you for indulging my momentary wallow in self-pity and drama. I know I said that that I didn’t want to be comforted, but you knew that I secretly needed it and did so anyway.

Aren’t you the BESTest Internet and real life friends a girl could have!

I don’t discuss Mike’s company or his job much because…

1)  the multiple NDAs they’ve made me sign prohibit me from doing so

2)  … and, as I’ve mentioned before, I generally try to stay OUT of his job.

(Okay, mostly it’s the strict NDAs from the studio. They are scary.)

Well, now that his professional life has invaded our domestic… or should I say “foreign” life, it’s only fair that I get to turn it into blog posts.

It isn’t even the job that’s getting to me. Gaps between productions are expected in the film industry. It’s the being dependent on visas and moving our family across oceans at a moment’s notice that’s putting the gray I’m my dark brown do.

Mike’s boss equates this sort of existence with that of migrant farmer workers, except on a global scale. When “doing the ’rounds” includes years of going between London, Los Angeles, New York, Canada, and NEW ZEALAND as many of Mike’s co-workers, wives (or “production widows” as they call themselves), and children have done, it’s an apt description.

When the  boss’ wife (because yes, in spite of myself, we ARE friends now) and her daughter dropped by for an impromptu play date yesterday, I knew that the topic would come up. To avoid things getting awkward, I mentally rehearsed a nonchalance about it…

While my words gingerly danced around our husbands’ office politics, my eyes screamed, “Please DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!”

Of course, she has about as much influence on studio funding as I do, which is to say, none at all. She  did, however, share my eye-rolling disgust over the situation and brought up an interesting point…

Remember that writers’ strike from oh so long ago ?

(Yeah, neither did I…)

While other parts of the entertainment industry have since recovered or, in some cases, brilliantly overcome, its effects are just now hitting the CG animation world. So now there’s a lull in projects anyway… in least in the UK.


20070702-keep_calmLike I said… Nothing I can do about it.

Best to simply go on with daily life or, as a ubiquitous English sentiment from Word War II goes, “keep calm and carry on”.

I must say, it’s a good motto to live by…

That is, until the very thing you’re trying to repress starts to impact Every… Single… Decision.

For instance,  we’re running low on ketchup and I can’t decide if I should buy more… you know, in case we just have to throw it away in four weeks!

Okay, so that may be THE stupidest example I could come up with…

(Who cares? Just buy the stinkin’ ketchup already. It’s the only thing that gets the kid to eat his meals these days.)

… but it does go to show just how much anxiety I have over this.

For the record, it affects bigger decisions too, like whether or not to enroll Avery in that wonderful  nursery school I spent the last two months feverishly finding lest he be denied early admission to Harvard for lagging in his preschool acumen.

So yeah. Preschool in the UK… There’s a whole other post for tomorrow.



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5 responses to “Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that something gets worked out soon to extend you all where you are.

  2. My hubs dad was in the AF and they moved A LOT. I hope you all can find a way to make all this work to your benefit.

  3. I had no idea how lucky I was to have a long-term job and visa here in the UK as an American. Without any sense of gloating and total solidarity for your pain and uncertainty… Good luck!

  4. Still no news? GAH. If I could kick someone in the shins for you, I would. (metaphorically speaking, of course).

  5. Hey Lady…I see you have entered the paralyzed by indecision stage. (We have 14 relocations in 17 years of marriage) You need to snap out of this…let the kid eat his lunch…just buy the small ketchup. You could be in limbo up until the very last minute, so go forth and do, live your lives. Anything you do can inevitably be undone. I would be glad to be email support for you…just let me know. It’s tough with the kids, but they become such well rounded little creatures with these adventures. Chin up, chest out. It will get better I promise.

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