Friendly Fire… Isn’t

This post is directed to my British readers…

I would like to know when you will STOP celebrating your little pro-hate free-for-all (a.k.a Guy Fawkes Month Day)?

Seriously. WHEN?

Two weeks ago, when the fireworks starting going off it was… um, mildly annoying.

Even though our two-year-old son awoke with every pop, bang, and whizz and eventually just stopped sleeping at night entirely, we were willing to overlook it. After all, we ARE guests in your country and mere observers to your culture…

Besides, it would be over soon, right?

When the entire world was celebrating on November 5th and it actually was Guy Fawkes Day/”Bonfire Night,” it was great! Expected. Welcomed. Obviously, we were excited too!

It is FIVE DAYS LATER, people. Why, oh why, are rockets still flaring over our roof every single night? They were going until 2am last night. TWO AM!!!!

I know we live in the kingdom where anti-Catholicism was institutionalized, but really… is it THAT exciting?

Is this going to end soon, or should I consider firing back?

Because I totally will.



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7 responses to “Friendly Fire… Isn’t

  1. Peter Bond

    My you are in a tetchy mood. Fireworks have been over a long period this year because firstly the 5th fell in the middle of the week and as it is not a holiday people may choose to hold their parties on the weekends either side. Secondly Diwali fell a little before Guy Fawkes night.

    To call Guy Fawkes night anti-Catholic and pro-hate is really rather silly these days. Virtually nobody makes any connection between the religious turmoil of 400 years ago and the current celbrations, other than to be aware of the historical roots. It is a cause for an enjoyable party with friends, and exciting fireworks (and I speak as a Catholic).

    I hope you manged to go to a party or display and have fun. It is after all an essential part of the British calendar that children look forward to with great excitement.

  2. Bec

    I agree with you! When I lived in Manchester, they would go on for well over a week – often starting a few days early. I normally sleep like the dead, but those things kept me awake (doesn’t help when you live in an area that makes your first thought, “was that a gunshot?”) !
    I am all for celebrating – but too much of a good thing…. 🙂

  3. I’m with you on both fronts–I disagree with Peter that it’s okay to drop the religious connection and make this a party. The Catholic-Protestant wars are important in defining modern British culture, and much of the anti-Catholic nonsense is STILL law, e.g. as concerns who can be (or be married to) the monarch. I think this is a good case of “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”. And I’m stunned that in a nanny state such as England, where my fire alarm is going off on its weekly test and my apartment is invaded nearly monthly to check the fire extinguishers, that fireworks are sold directly to consumers for this little two weeks of torture. Enough already. In America, even when the 4th of July is mid-week there are not two weeks of fireworks.

  4. I will say that in our area of the US (suburbs of Philadelphia) the unsanctioned fourth of July fireworks can go on for a few weeks. It’s not every night, but sometimes a week after the fourth, you’ll hear someone having fun letting off the rest of their fireworks. I hate it. Especially as it spooks all the horses that live near us.

  5. Paul Hayes

    I think the fact that Diwali is close, as has been mentioned, is a factor in how long the fireworks seem to go on for, especially if you’re living in London where obviously there is going to be more celebration of Diwali than in most other parts of the country. The mid-week placing of November the 5th this year is also a good point.

    Generally speaking, though, in my experience it’s very rare to still be hearing fireworks after Remembrance Day.

  6. Hi,

    One thing you may not have realized is that the Hindu/Sikh holiday, the Festival of Lights or Diwali, takes place during October/November. This makes it seem like there’s non-stop fireworks for a couple of weeks.

    As for the Guy Fawkes thing; it’s now just become an excuse to have a party and let off some fireworks.

    I wish you well.

  7. Mike

    I’m an American expat and tech worker living in Belsize Park. I’ve been equally annoyed by the non-stop fireworks launching from the Heath and from all of my neighbors’ yards. When will it stop?

    After having stayed up all night to watch the US election, all the fireworks shooting off outside my window the next night almost sent me over the edge.

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