Photo Story Friday: Toddler Smack Edition

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Last weekend, I hit up the KCWC Nearly New Sale and scored this beautiful hit of toddler smack…


I had a tough time getting through the Tube with it, but only because I had every member of the male and “under 4” set clamoring for it.

It’s hard to miss a BRIGHT YELLOW digger. It was certainly love at first sight for Avery.

As any savvy, penny-pinching parent knows, second-hand is the way to go. Unfortunately, the selection of reusable clothing for boys dwindles once you get past the barely-worn, designer layette stage.

Nonetheless, I managed to pick up two or three “new-to-us” jumpers for Avery. This one is his favorite, can’t you tell?


I’ll give you one guess why… Peep! Peep!

Books are an easier find. This one I selected simply because it amused me…


… particularly when I landed on this page.


Oh Dr. Seuss. So ahead of your time, but just not quite right…



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21 responses to “Photo Story Friday: Toddler Smack Edition

  1. The pic of your little boy is just precious. And I think I resemble the shape of a BLOGG. Funny think is I’m wearing a black sweater dress today, so it makes it obvious that I look like that shape!

  2. I LOVE second hand shopping. It’s a vice. Especially for books. I could literally fill a room…

    Your little one is adorable. The look on his face is priceless!!

  3. Don’t you just love deals like THIS? And wowza, is he cute!!!

  4. Oh my goodness that is fantastic!! And I love the Blogg.

  5. Second hand is great! I love to find good stuff that way. I did run to Target tonight and found a slew of clothing for the grandkids for $2.80 each. That’s cheaper than our Goodwill here!

    Love Dr Suess’s blogg!

  6. LOL – “blogg”!!! I don’t have that Dr. Suess book – how funny! Your little guy is ADORABLE 🙂

  7. I haven’t seen that Dr Seuss book for ages…
    I would have kept that digger for myself.

  8. I’ve never seen that particular Dr. Seuss book! What a cool find.

    Your little boy looks too cute!!!

    PSF – Cruel and Unusual Punishment

  9. I am envious when others have such awesome secondhand sales around them. 🙂 The digger is an AWESOME score!!

  10. How funny is the Blogg creature….and yes, secondhand shopping isn’t only FUN, because you never know what you’ll discover, but its also eco-friendly, and that’s cool too!

  11. That’s the best! We’ve all been spelling blogg wrong!!

    I love finding new-to-me treasures, congrats on yours.

  12. I love finding a good second-hand toy! This is a great find and what a cute little boy!

  13. I’m pretty much shaped like a BLOGG too. That is funny!

  14. I think I need to find me one of those stores!!

  15. I LIVE for thrift shopping and bargain hunting. Second hand stuff is SO much fun. Great finds, especially the digger!

  16. I haven’t seen that book! How neat! What a cute little guy.

  17. What’re the odds! A blogg. Did you visit the big one here when you were here? Cause I still find loads of deals. I hope your weekend is fabu.

  18. Brady is obsessed with Thomas the Train. Sometimes I think if TT and I were drowning, he’d rescue Thomas.

  19. Paul Hayes

    Ah, Thomas the Tank Engine… such nostalgia! Am I right in thinking that – heresy of heresies! – the version you had in the US didn’t have Ringo Starr?

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