So, Two Bloggers Walk Into a Bar…

untitled-1-copyAt last night’s London Bloggers Meetup, Melanie Seasons of Fake Plastic Noodles fame (and fellow American expat) gave a fabulous chat about US vs. UK blogging, how she got started in blogging, and other useful topics.

(You can read her takeaway points here.)

I met Melanie about five minutes before her talk… where else? At the bar. She said she was nervous, so I offered to heckle her to ease some of the tension. (Aren’t I considerate?)

I don’t even remember how it began– some mention of “mommy bloggers” to which I feigned offense, I think.

Oh no, the Americans are heckling one another. What are all the polite British to do?

Why join in, of course!

It was all in good fun, but it wasn’t as if Melanie needed any “help” from us. In fact, she did great!

The evening was tons of fun and… yes, there were far more than just two bloggers there, as the title may misleads you to belief. We weren’t even the only American expats.

I made some new friends, put faces to blogs that I’ve adored from afar, and even ran into a few familiar faces, which is always reassuring when you’re the “new mom in town”. My blogroll (and Google Reader) should be expanding quite soon.

I learned the secret to Cockney Rhyming Slang. I still can’t DO it, but I can at least recognize it now.

I was asked by Sarah, founder of one of my favorite London resources Mini-et-Moi, to help organize a get together for London Mommy Bloggers.

Oh and I finally got a Twitter account. (I know… Blimey! ‘ello, where ‘ave yew been, Love. Nuff said, yeah?)


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  1. I’m so sorry I missed this post! Damn WordPress not alerting me to trackbacks! Good account of the night 🙂 And thank you for heckling – I know it made my boring speech much more interesting.

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