Insert Mandatory Joke About The Brits and Their Dental Hygiene (Pause for Polite Laughter)

Avery is at the height of toddlerness where everything, whether it’s time for a bath or suggesting chocolate cake for breakfast, is received with a fervent “No, Mommy. NO!”

Except, with Avery it’s not just “no”. It follows with a vigorous head shake and an unyielding “anymore”.

For example, it’s not just “no trousers today”… or even “right now”.  For Avery, it’s “no trousers ANYMORE, Mommy!”

I know I should be frustrated, but the finality in his serious little voice is so cute that sometimes I have to stifle laughs.

Besides, I can usually slip on his trousers once he’s moved on to screaming about not wanting to wear socks or the shirt I picked out… “No, Mommy. Thomas shirt. Thomas shirt.

I was careful to NOT discuss his first dentist appointment until the morning of, for fear of it becoming a bigger deal (read: tantrum) than it needed to be. As it turns out, Avery’s biggest complaint was having to put on shoes to leave the house.

Seeing the dentist… Pah!


He was a pro. All smiles and no cavities.

The dentist was quite amused by him as well. He mentioned that Avery’s last baby tooth recently spouted. (That explains the extra dose of unhappy last week).

He also commented on, but was not alarmed by the thumb sucking. (So unlike the States where everyone seemed alarmed by the thumb sucking and freely offered their unsolicited opinions on the matter…)


“Oh that can be fixed, but his diet… Diet is 90% of maintaining healthy teeth and gums” the dentist reassured.

“You mean, like getting enough calcium?”

“No, I mean… well, how much Ribena does he drink a day?”

“I don’t not even sure what Ribena is.”

“Good! Ribena is terrible! Simply terrible. Just be sure you limit his sugar intake.”

Hmm, I guess I shouldn’t mention that cake for breakfast… even if it was the ONLY way I could get him wear the shoes and stop yelling about the Thomas shirt already.



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2 responses to “Insert Mandatory Joke About The Brits and Their Dental Hygiene (Pause for Polite Laughter)

  1. Woohooo on the good dentist report. Love the photo of the two of you, too cute. Did you ever find out what Ribena is?

  2. Ribena is like Hi-C or Capri-Sun: pictures of fruit on the package, but loads of sugar/high fructose corn syrup. It’s not real juice.

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