So, this is Christmas?

Now that Thanksgiving is SO twelve hours ago, can we talk about something?

I would like to know why THIS was my only option for international holiday postage?


Don’t recognize her from your childhood nightmare?

The desciption on the Royal Post’s online shop reads…

…featuring Snow White’s Wicked Queen. With her poison apple Snow White’s wicked Queen is guaranteed to raise a boo and a hiss.

A boo and a hiss? How is this even remotely in keeping with the holly, jolly holiday spirit?

The selection of domestic stamps wasn’t any better. They included such “beloved” Christmas characters as…

m509252_large1… a pie-faced Cap’n Hook…

m509240_large… and a pair of ugly transvestites.



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6 responses to “So, this is Christmas?

  1. WTF??? Is that what they think of us Americans and our holidays? That last stamp made me spit out my cocktail.

    So the question is… which did you end up selecting???lol.

  2. I was equally disgusted by the Christmas stamp choices here in the US.
    Who gets to pick these things?

    My cat’s could do a better job!

  3. Paul Hayes

    It’s all tied in with pantomime, something I don’t think you have in the USA. These are all traditional pantomime characters, and pantomimes are an essential part of UK Christmas tradition.

  4. The stamps are really only harsh in comparison to American stamps, which tend toward the abominably cutesy.

  5. emma

    sorry to be nosy but i (a brit) stumbled upon your blog and am really rather fascinated by your take on things in the uk with an american perspective! what you may not realise as paul mentioned out is that these stamps are in fact from an english point of view very christmassy due to their links to the christmas pantomime…highly reccommend you go see and experience one and see what you think.

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