La Vie en Rose

Loosely translated: “having a rosy outlook on life”… or so my two years of college French taught me.

My French professor believed that anyone could learn a language. It was just a matter of throwing yourself into it with wild abandon and allowing the little “drawers of your mind to open up”.

(Why do profs always say things like that?)

I made A’s all four semesters, but those drawers remained shut as we made our way through Paris this past weekend. I guess I’ve lost the wild abandon of my college days… Trust me. It’s okay.

So anyway… Yes, we spent a long weekend in Paris.


Just for the heck of it? Not quite. We decided to combine the obnoxious task of re-establishing our tourist visas with a romantic getaway in the world’s most romantic city with my romantic husband… and our toddler.

They said we had to leave the country and come back through immigration. No one specified where and for how long. What better way to stick it to the English than to break croissant with their historic arch-rivals, the French!* (Just KIDDING!)

I think that’s making the best of a bad situation, don’t you?

In other news, Mike accepted a job in Northern California. It’s still overseas and not London and not quite home, but we are so grateful nonetheless.

In spite of moving again, we are certainly excited about the next chapter in our crazy life.

La Vie en Rose!


* Okay, so I used to think that the English “animosity” towards the French was just an ridiculous stereotype. Then, one night I caught a short blurb about the French economy on the evening news.

Apparently, France hasn’t been as badly hit (relative the the UK, of course) by the credit crunch because of the way their banking is set up. The French government maintains different measures to keep its citizens from buying stuff they can’t really afford.

(Maybe a little socialism isn’t such a bad idea…)

When the cameras returned to the British news anchors in London, their only commentary on the story was, “Well, aren’t they smug?”



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5 responses to “La Vie en Rose

  1. Paris!? Not too shabby for a weekend getaway. Congrats on the new job. Hope your move is a smooth and safe one.

  2. Oh, my heart goes out to you. Moving is my nightmare but if I got a trip to Paris it might be easier to face 😉

  3. Well I’m sorry you’ll be leaving London and those stories will come to a close, but glad your DH has found new employment in these trying times.

    And congratulations on the trip to Paris! Oh la la!

  4. Hey, that is great news (about the job for your husband)
    I don’t know where in Northern CA you will be, but we are in Monterey…so we should hook up when you get there. We’d be glad to help y’all get settled back in to life stateside!
    If you need support, you have my email…keep in touch.

  5. I’m so sorry you can’t stay in London much longer, but what wonderful news that Mike has a new job! Good luck with the move … again … !

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