Paris Part Deux

Continued from Part Une

Ugh! Can you possibly handle MORE Paris?

Well, it’s cold and I haven’t left my house since we returned except to restock the fridge. So, unless you want more posts about shopping at Waitrose, it’s all I got. (Deal)

Voilà, mes amies! More Paris, it is, but just the highlights. I promise.

Eiffel Tower.

I should have known that going to the top of the Eiffel Tower was a baaaad idea when the top of it was eclipsed by fog.

It was indeed very, very cold…

Notre Dame.

I thought I was SO clever to suggest that Avery and I feed the birds outside of Notre Dame, so Mike could climb to the top of the bell tower unhindered…

That is until the birds attacked! Ewwww!


Mike never made it to the top of the bell tower, but we did manage to attend Mass in the cathedral that night… once we escaped the birds, of course.

Stained glass, incense, chanting,  and organ music in a huge Gothic church… GORGEOUS!

Don’t worry. I lit a candle for all of you sinners out there…hee-hee!


The Louve.

Totally missed it.


Because apparently two (supposedly) well educated, high functioning  adults in possession of… not one, but TWO different guidebooks… couldn’t  figure out that it’s CLOSED on Tuesdays.

(Sigh!) C’est la vie… we still got to enjoy the exterior.

Just standing in the courtyards and gardens, it’s difficult to comprehend that the Louve was once someone’s HOUSE.

Well, actually several royal and imperial someones’ house, but still… it’s no wonder the peasants revolted.

Musee d’Orsay.

Well, isn’t it fortuitous that just across the Seine from the Louve is the d’Orsay, which was open for business that day…

I love the d’Orsay so much so that I’ve gone every single time I’ve been in Paris, but this time I loved it even more for giving me a discount for (barely) being under 30!!!

Mike cried ageism, but I assured him it was because he was CLEARLY more cultured and sophisticated, and therefore would get those two Euros more out of the experience.

And then he goes and does something like this…


(Okay, so that last photo was staged, but only because camera phone pics are super cheesy.)



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3 responses to “Paris Part Deux

  1. Hitchcock would have been proud of your encounter with the birds. Ewww. Thanks for the candle I need all the help I can get.

  2. Those birds would have had me screaming in terror.

    Paris looks awesome!

  3. OK, last time I was in Paris…I chickened out on going to the top. It is way up there:P
    I shot you an email to the quietly shouting email (I don’t know if you still use that one)…

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