Home Is Only An Absract Idea Anyway

I got stumped while booking our flights to the US today…


I… umm, have no idea where we “reside” anymore.

Dallas? London? California?

By our fourth and final day in Paris, the fatigue of being tourists had set in and all three of us were yearning to return to London.

Even our sweet little Avery asked, “Go home to see Tower of London, now, Mommy?”

“Yes, Baby. We’re going home to see the Tower of London now.”

For the time being, London is still very much “home” to us. It seems rather unfair to be leaving so soon after making it so, and that it took a trip meant to re-establish our tourist visas to feel the first real  aches of missing it.

Of course, the officer at the UK boarder was quick to remind us that London is, in fact, NOT our home. Upon eying the expiration date on our visas, he gave me a stern lecture on the intricacies of the UK’s Immigration policy.

A VERY stern lecture.

Okay, USA, it is…



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3 responses to “Home Is Only An Absract Idea Anyway

  1. I was heading “home” to America one time and the BA agent asked when I was checking in, “Do you live in America or here?” and I said “America” before stopping and realizing, no, “here”! I then corrected myself and tried to explain to the BA person who thought I was nuts for not knowing where I lived.

  2. I hope you get all of this worked out soon and can finally get settled somewhere. Good luck!

  3. I feel for ya’ ,what a nightmare.

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