A Reason for Everything

I’m a big believer that there’s a reason for everything. God has a larger plan for all of us and the like, but I just could not understand the reason for sending us back to the States so soon.

I mean, the “bigger” reason… beyond visas and global economic collapses.

Sure, Mike has a great job waiting for him in the US, but he already had a great job… in London.

Yes, we’re moving back the States, but it’s not as if we’re going “home” to our family and friends in Texas. California may be closer, but it’s still going to be miles and miles away. What difference did it make?

We just got settled in London. Our expat life may entail a LOT of compromises, but we have friends, daily routines, bank accounts…

Avery is finally sleeping at night again! Do you know how long it took  him to recover from the “time change”? Do you know how much I’m dreading going through that AGAIN?

Why, God, why would you send us back now?

Well, a few days ago, I got my answer.

Life just got 150% more crazy and we couldn’t be happier!



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14 responses to “A Reason for Everything

  1. Bec

    Congratulations!! That is awesome news! 🙂

  2. OMG! Yes, there is a reason for everything!!!! Congratulations!

  3. Oh wow!!! Congrats to you guys! Now…what does the little 3+ on the screen mean?

  4. Congratulations. There is indeed a reason for everything!

  5. CONGRATS!!!! You guys sure don’t go for the quiet easy route, do you?

  6. Congrats! It’s all making a little more sense now. Good luck!

  7. OMG< OMG< OMG

    I can’t believe it. It’s a total sign! Congratulations!

  8. A'Dell's Mom

    I was in FW this week babysitting my favorite baby girl. A’Dell told me you were pregnant, my response was, “It’s a good thing they are coming back to the States.” Congratulations! California is only 2 hours behind Texas.

  9. Chris

    Well we are glad to have you closer to home. And California’s climate is much more pleasant. And at least you will be close enough to come see Waldo when he’s born. ( I of course am talking about John and Resa’s expectation as well. I am calling him Waldo until other wise notified.) So “Pip Pip” to Jolly Old London town, And “Woe Dude!” To L.A…)

  10. WOW! So thrilled for you!

  11. Wowza! That’s fun news. Congratulations!

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