Shameless Plug

Hey Look!

It’s a bus ad for The Tale of Despereaux, the MOST adorable movie that Mike (and subsequently Avery and I) moved to London for…


I meant to plug  The Tale of Despereaux over a week ago… you know, when it first opened in theaters, but now is probably a better time for it anyway.

Past the Christmas rush… Gifts successfully returned unwrapped… Why not take the family to see this lovely little book turned  film!

I mean, look how cute it looks?


Don’t you want to go see… like RIGHT NOW!


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One response to “Shameless Plug

  1. Is that what your DH has been working on there?!!! Excellent! We’ve been reading the book and it’s so cute!!! We’re so excited to see the movie. We think we’re going to take Phoebe and a friend during this holiday week off. Congratulations! Just from the previews I can tell this movie is fabulous!

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