Prego’s Giving Away Booze!

Okay, so you get two posts today because…

A. I really don’t want to pack the rest of my closet and…

B. An extra special present arrived for me today that I just had to share with you.

A few months ago, I attended my very first London Bloggers Meet-up and made a total ass of myself some very lovely new friends.

If you may recall, it was hosted by Smirnoff and Splendid Communications, and held at the private company bar at Diageo Headquarters (maker of  some fine favorites such as Guinness, Tanqueray, and Captain Morgan… just to name a few).

Well, Splendid contacted me again and offered to send me an Authentic Cuervo Margarita kit. I was intrigued, so I provided  them with an address and a few hours later,  a courier arrived at my door to hand me this…


Could it be?


Why yes! It’s a portable party.

(By the way, on the bottom of the glass there’s a recipe for a drink called a “cherry bomb”, which has nothing to do with margaritas or even tequila. Strange.)

Since my baby bump and I clearly cannot give it a shot (ha ha ha!), this kit can be yours on one condition… you talk about it on your blog. Deal?

All you have to do is comment here by Jan 17 and it can be all yours  through some random number magic.




The winner is….

winner-isAlex from The Roaming Southerner. Congrats, hon!!

Now where did I pack the booze? Thinking, thinking, thinking



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6 responses to “Prego’s Giving Away Booze!

  1. Deal! It would be poetic justice, in a way, as I blogged about margarita cravings through my pregnancy with my toddler.

  2. Hey – the last time I saw you booze was ALSO being given away! (Something about you can’t pack it and ship overseas? I dunno. I just said YES PLEASE.)

    The martini glass is kind of cute – how worthless that they only sent one though. Are you supposed to use it at a mismatched martini glass party?


  3. Kevin

    It’s 5 AM. My daughter is awake and on my lap while I type. You bet I want a margarita!

  4. OMG, the Mommyblogger biz has crossed the pond and hit London. I’m impressed. Did they give one glass or two? In other words, are they assuming you’re sloshing your Margaritas by yourself–or a deux?

  5. DID I MAKE THE CUT OFF!!!! I go off the blogosphere for a couple of days and you have a giveaway! Thank goodness I got back in time!
    Yea, Tequila!!! wait, that probably sounds bad. Yea, –for you for having a baby and genorously giving away –Tequla!!!! Better, right?

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