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For the love of Pancakes!

Overhead from three teenage boys (15-ish, maybe 16) while riding the Underground’s Central Line. (Feel free to supply your own British accents.)

“The pancakes in America are AMAZING! They’re so fluffy and round.”

“…and they give you so many! You can get STACKS of them. Big ones and they’re SO GOOD.”

“I would go back to America JUST for the pancakes.”

Come to think of it… So would I.

As I made my way off the train, another passenger helped me with Avery’s stroller. He must have picked up on my American accent because when I thanked him, he asked me if the pancakes in America were really that amazing.

“Oh yes. Fabulous. You don’t even know,” I said with a grin.


Did you know that there really is a “Pancake Day” and it wasn’t invented by IHOP?

Pancake Day is actually celebrated in the UK, although my fellow Americans may know it as Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday, the day before the beginning of Lent. While also recognized by the other “colonies” (i.e. Australia, New Zealand, India, and Canada), there’s a long history of Pancake Day festivities particular to the UK…

There’s the pancake races (one at Olney in Buckinghamshire has been held since 1445), Mischief Night (breaking into people’s houses in disguise and demanding pancakes) and Lent Crocking or Lensharding (throwing old crockery at people’s doors and asking for pancakes to be tossed back).

I think pancakes are best when EATEN with yummy warm maple syrup but, as I’ve mentioned before, that’s considered “strange” here…



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I Can’t Keep Them Straight Either…

Overheard from an adorable British school boy on a field trip to Hampton Court:

“Oh dear God! Look, It’s Captain Hook!”

Well, actually it’s William III, but I can see how you’d make that mistake…

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