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Playing Tea Party with Grown-ups

As soon as we announced our move to London, the threats requests to stay with us poured in immediately.

I tended to ignore the ones who framed their request as “Oh wow, a FREE place to stay in London” (Not quite. Get a hotel, freeloaders) versus the ones who said, “Oh, how we will miss you SO much. We just have to see you as soon as possible”…

It’s all in how you spin it, people.

So far, the only ones to make good on their promise will be my family, plus my sister’s boyfriend who might as well be family. The last time we talked, he said that he wanted to do the touristy stuff, but mainly wanted to experience what REAL Londoners do– where they go, where they drink, and peek in their tiny fridges.

I’m not sure if we qualify as “real Londoners” (or that we have any clue what the cool kids are doing). As much as we try to keep a low profile, there are just some things that are so ridiculously touristy that they BEG to be done…

Like leaving the kidlets at home with the Hubby for the afternoon and having a proper English tea…

… in the beautiful lobby…

… of The Landmark of London…

…with your girls…

… who are also Americans.

tea I did NOT take the foodie photo on the right and therefore deserve ZERO credit for it.

In fact, I yanked it from The Landmark’s site.

The lousy photo I took… the one with the bad lighting, boring composition, and strange angle simply did NOT do it justice.

I think we should have a do-over.

You’re welcome to join me, provided you’re not too embarrassed to be seen with the dorky girl toting the large camera?

I mean, doesn’t that just scream “tourist”…

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek



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Photo Story Friday: Toddler Smack Edition

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Last weekend, I hit up the KCWC Nearly New Sale and scored this beautiful hit of toddler smack…


I had a tough time getting through the Tube with it, but only because I had every member of the male and “under 4” set clamoring for it.

It’s hard to miss a BRIGHT YELLOW digger. It was certainly love at first sight for Avery.

As any savvy, penny-pinching parent knows, second-hand is the way to go. Unfortunately, the selection of reusable clothing for boys dwindles once you get past the barely-worn, designer layette stage.

Nonetheless, I managed to pick up two or three “new-to-us” jumpers for Avery. This one is his favorite, can’t you tell?


I’ll give you one guess why… Peep! Peep!

Books are an easier find. This one I selected simply because it amused me…


… particularly when I landed on this page.


Oh Dr. Seuss. So ahead of your time, but just not quite right…


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No Photography Please

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Okay, so I technically wasn’t supposed to take this photo of Queen Elizabeth’s throne at Windsor Castle, but it was right there and I just couldn’t resist a quick, covert snap-snap.

I hope I don’t get sent to the Tower


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