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D. It’s the new C.

I “love” that all of my friends from Texas have started complaining about how cold it’s gotten, because last night…

…it snowed in London!

I, of course, didn’t take any photos of my own because I was…

A) Trying to convince my two-year-old to please STOP stripping down to his diaper every time Mommy turns her back. If only he would just stop running around the house, leaping from the sofas (stupid circus), and screaming like a manic, he’d probably realize why it’s good to wear clothes. IT’S COLD!

B) Determining the perfect ratio among the number of blankets, cups of tea, cement walls in lieu of insulation, and radiator heating with only two settings, sweltering and off.

C) Moving the clocks back an hour earlier three days late (Apparently, the UK observes Daylight Savings a week before the US…)

D) All of the above



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Sunny and Partly Grumpy

The last few days have been rainy and cold and MISERABLE!

This is our first autumn/winter in London, but I know it’s only the beginning and there’s no point letting it slow me down, right?

Right. So, each day I’ve coxed a child who normally refuses to wear pants… er, trousers into said trousers…

and a sweater…

and a raincoat…

and sock and shoes…

…to his utter and audible discontent.

We head to our appointments or errands, and I proceed to get soaked because I haven’t figured out how to successfully hold an umbrella AND push a stroller at the same time (Any tips?)… and hate life more and more with each step.

So today, for the sake of my sanity, I decided to just sleep in (give up) and pass the day inside (give up). I could read books to Avery (give up), put away laundry… maybe even clean the bathroom (give up). I had a whole list of things to do… (give up, give up, give up)

Of course, I woke up late to a GLORIOUS day. The sun is out. The streets are dry. It’s a perfect time for the zoo or the park or a million other things I’ve been wanting to do, but this is London…

It can’t possibly last, so why bother… Humbug!

Even now as the sun shines brighter still, I can’t help but take it personally.

Thanks for ruining my day, SUN!


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Over the Pond and Under the Sea

We don’t normally plan our weekends around a specific theme, but if we did, this past one would have something to do with fish and water.

Certainly, something clever that’s just not coming to me at the moment…

The weekend was mostly rainy and gray. Because of it, we got a late start and our Saturday “morning” actually began with lunch at a place called…

Intrigued? You should be.

I was immediately drawn to it the minute Mike read its description out of our favorite guide book, Take The Kids, London:

“A dining experience unlike any other- you pick sushi dishes from an enormous conveyor belt whilst your drinks are prepared by a special drinks-mixing robot…”

Whoa! Special drink-mixing robot? Fresh sushi whizzing pass on a conveyor belt? We just had to check it out.

I figured it would be more attraction than authentic, but I was pleasantly proven wrong. It was as DELICIOUS as it was entertaining.

Avery was thoroughly impressed…

… and as you can see by the stack of plates we accumulated, so were Mike and I.

Lunch was followed by a short walk to the London Aquarium

Clearly, there is probably something disturbing about digesting fresh fishies while going to see fresher fishies but, I wasn’t going to point this out to Avery…

Besides, he was having too much fun “Finding Nemo” in the THREE floors of tanks and displays, including a shark tank and a sting ray pond.

The sting ray pond was just plain freaky. There are several that live in a tank that only goes up about chest high. Every few minutes, one would pop out of the water and actually swim up to us, close enough to pet it…

Oh! It was completely bizarre!

Our trip to the London Aquarium was certainly an educational outing. For instance, do you know that…

I didn’t, but I’ll think twice about crossing paths with pigs or coconuts from now on.


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U is for Umbrella, Useful, and Ugh!

Mike is always after me about taking an umbrella when I leave the house and because I’m a punk, I never do.


…because it’s been stifling hot in London since we arrived.

Granted, it’s not nearly as bad as the shocking 107 degrees that was forecast for Dallas/Ft. Worth over the weekend, but probably more noticeable since we walk everywhere and A/C is a rare find in the UK…

“It hasn’t rained ONCE since we got here and until it does, I’m not carrying ONE… MORE… THING” I told Mike.

Sure enough, Avery and I got caught in our first official London rain storm last week… and of course, I was without our umbrella.

I got totally drenched, but I had it coming to me for not listening to Mike in the first place.

Fortunately, Avery’s new Maclaren Techno XT comes equipped with an excellent rain cover and he and Blue stayed dry. I would expect no less from an ENGLISH stroller (or, as it’s better known here, “pushchair”).

Our other strollers were “nice” (for putting in the back of the station wagon and taking to the mall), but after deciding to move to London, we wanted something better equipped to deal with “urban living”.

We sold the other two to buy this one and…

Oh Man! I could write an entire post about how much I ADORE this stroller, but instead I’ll leave you with this song:

Stroller Town by Jonathan Coulton

Some of you have probably already heard it from Avery’s last birthday CD. I could listen to it over and over again. In fact, I do. Enjoy!


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