The Anglification of Mr. A

While Avery hasn’t exactly developed a British accent, he has managed to pick up hundreds of little words and nuances. Here are a few of my favorites.


To pass the time spent waiting for trains and buses, I quiz Avery on his numbers, letters, colo(u)rs, etc…

One day, we came across this…let-z

Me: What letter is that?

Avery: ZED!

Ah, yes… “ZED”, otherwise known as the British “ZEE”…


His breakfast of choice was once pancakes, but lately he’s been requesting…


“Toast and jam, please, Mommy. Thank you!”


… and for lunch, it’s  a “cheese toastie”, which I have to admit sounds a lot cuter than an American “grilled cheese sandwich”.



Usually,  it’s a “truck”. Sometimes, it’s a “lorry”.



Fire trucks go, “Nee-nar Nee-nar”…


…trains “chuffity-chuff!”


… and this is a badger!


(Okay, so it’s probably called a “badger” at home too, but we had never SEEN one until we moved to the UK. )



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4 responses to “The Anglification of Mr. A

  1. Too cute. My daughter has picked up the habit from me of putting a line through the number 7 and the letter Z. Someone told me once that was a European thing, but I have no idea. I think she’s the only one in 2nd grade that does that at her school.

  2. Kids are such little sponges! I love the “British” sayings. I am sure he is just too cute for words!

  3. Paul Hayes

    The line through a 7 thing is a continental European thing, I think. It may even be anachronistic there these days, too. Certainly it would be very odd to see it in the UK. As I recall, a whole unlikely plot point of a Hornblower novel turns on Europeans doing their 7s differently…

  4. Auh, I love it. You are right, Cheese Toastie sounds way better than grilled cheese!

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